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Ben Schenck“Like the best of their predecessors, Panorama places themselves and their music in service to the people they are playing for and, somehow, they keep it on their own terms.” — Rob Rushin The Bitter Southerner

“A rock ‘n’ roll aggressiveness in the attack and a modern-jazz freedom in the solos” — Geoffrey Himes Paste Magazine

“From Eastern Europe to New Orleans, the panoramic view of the soundscape is pungently condensed to a hip and worldly mix where a freylekh meets a second-line, klezmer and more meets traditional jazz and then some. Live and acoustic, the Panorama Jazz Band is a rare sonic pleasure in the street or at a club…. They always “Come Out Swingin’.” —Nick Spitzer Host American Routes from PRI

“Panorama’s acoustic sound, produced solely by wind and muscle, insists on a physical response… This is New Orleans – meaning America – at its most panoramic. A land where a waltz fades into brass band jazz, where a Gypsy chochek bumps up against a Creole Mazurka.” — Michael Tisserand
Michael Tisserand’s books include “Krazy,” “The Kingdom of Zydeco” and “Sugarcane Academy”

“There is a delightful unity in the Panorama’s unique sound which finds and successfully blends elements common to all the musics they perform.”– Dr. Michael White Clarinetist / Band Leader / Educator /Jazz Historian New Orleans, LA

“(The) most eclectic and least stodgy of the so-called “trad” jazz groups currently active in town. (Their) approach vividly illustrates that fun and intelligence are not mutually exclusive states of mind.”Rob Cambre Where Y’at Magazine

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