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Somebody out there thinks you might enjoy Panorama’s song-of-the-month club,
Good Music For You.

We’ve been adding one new song every month since May of 2014 and our goal is always to surprise, delight and put a little extra bounce in your step – all for only $7 per month. CLICK HERE to join.

Here are a few examples of the 100 tracks we’ve released so far.

For starters, this one is our 100th song-of-the-month that we dropped on May 1st, 2022.  It’s a klezmer tune called Ot Azoy! a Yiddish phrase used much in the same way that New Orleanians say “yeah you right.”

Here’s a tune I wrote during the lockdown that portrays the COVID phenomenon of playing music outdoors to prevent the spread, Party on the Levee, released May 1, 2021

Birthday coming up?  Check out Ba Moin En Ti Bo Doudou / Happy Birthday,
a Creole beguine from the Caribbean Island of Martinique in a medley with the American party refrain, released Jan 1, 2017.

Do you celebrate Christmas?  We have several Christmas tunes in many different vibes.  Here’s a swingin’ version of O Holy Night we enjoyed making with New Orleans trombonist Colin Myers and released on Dec 15, 2018.

Or perhaps you’re more into Hanukkah.  We’ve put out a bunch bangin’ Hanukkah tracks.  Here’s one from December 1, 2017 that features New Orleans vocalist Meryl Zimmerman, Ocho Kandelikas.

We hope you dig the music and we hope you’ll be in that number and support us to make more Good Music For You!
CLICK HERE to join our song-of-the-month club, “Good Music For You.”

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Ben Schenck
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Panorama Jazz Band
Panorama BRASS Band
New Orleans, LA