Panorama Porch Parties

The musicians in Panorama are available in New Orleans for socially distanced porch parties or serenades. Fee varies according to how many players you request: $100ea plus another $200 (leader’s and band fund cuts). So, for example, the seven piece sit-down band would come to $900 and a 10 pc. brass band would be $1200. With your permission, we may also announce our Venmo and PayPal accounts and pass a tip jar at the gig.

Get a few friends to chip in!

We have a variety of instruments and can send out anywhere from one to 15 players. With a trio or more, we can play up to two hours (including a short break). Each additional 1/2 hour runs an additional $50/cat.

Anyway, holler and we can figure it out!

[email protected]   

Call or text: 504.650.1296